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The 澳门新葡京网址 Pathways program empowers students to dive deeper into curricular & extracurricular related pursuits in 艺术, Global Citizenship, and 蒸汽. 
Beginning in grade 9, students may apply to the program, which they will follow through graduation. Their chosen Pathway will help determine their course of study and students who complete a Pathway are given a designation on their diploma. In order to earn a Pathways designation on a diploma from 澳门新葡京网址, students must complete all 上学校 departmental distribution requirements, meet the criteria specified within a specific Pathways framework and maintain high standards of investment in all Pathways related coursework and extracurricular activities. 


  • 艺术的途径

    The 艺术的途径 framework offers students an opportunity to explore more deeply in one of three tracks: visual art, 音乐或舞蹈. Students earning an 艺术的途径 designation will engage in real world experiences and impact the broader community in a variety of ways, including but not limited to 创新 Pursuits and participation in off-campus performances and exhibitions. Each student will design an 艺术-rich experience which will broaden the exposure in their area of passion. 艺术的途径 students will build a resume containing a physical and digital portfolio and integrate their works into a variety of exhibitions and performances which will reflect the depth and breadth of their experience in the 艺术 at 澳门新葡京网址.
  • 全球公民途径

    The Global Citizen Pathway framework offers students an opportunity to expand their horizons in cultural competency, 全球研究, 公平和多样性. Students who earn this Pathway designation on their diploma must exceed the standard departmental distribution requirements for graduation by completing additional coursework in Languages and Cultures, 历史, 数学, 科学, 及/或视觉/表演艺术. Additionally, they will impact the broader community authentically (i.e. collaborating/volunteering with a local non-profit doing global or equity related work, 参加全球性或股权相关的会议, participating in global or equity related travel or summer opportunities, 通过贝里克或从外面). 社区 impacts will be student directed and promote equity and social justice in the Berwick or broader Seacoast area.
  • 蒸汽通道

    The 蒸汽通道 program at 澳门新葡京网址 is intended to empower and provide a framework for students who are interested in exploring various avenues of inquiry to channel a passion in science, 技术, 工程, 艺术, 和数学. In order to earn a 蒸汽通道 designation on a Berwick diploma, students must go above and beyond the standard departmental distribution requirements for graduation. In addition to carrying out an 创新 Pursuit and authentically impacting the broader community, 蒸汽通道 students complete courses from a diverse menu of Computer 科学, 蒸汽和Pinnacle选修课,包括Java图形, Arduino程序, 弹球向导, 人道主义设计与科学微积分.


The following is a list of colleges and universities where our graduates have gone on to study 蒸汽 or 艺术 related fields.


  • 艺术

    • 伯克利音乐学院
    • 纽约大学(蒂施艺术学院)
    • 罗德岛设计学院
    • 普拉特学院
    • 纽约戏剧艺术学院
    • 马里兰艺术学院
    • 麻省艺术与设计学院
    • 缅因艺术学院
    • 玛丽蒙特曼哈顿学院
  • 蒸汽

    • 约翰霍普金斯大学
    • 康奈尔大学
    • 塔夫斯大学
    • 哈佛大学
    • 斯坦福大学
    • 麻省理工学院(MIT)
    • 加州理工学院
    • 伦斯勒理工学院(RPI)
    • 史蒂文斯理工学院
    • 弗吉尼亚理工大学
    • 伍斯特理工学院
    • 罗彻斯特理工学院
    • 温特沃斯理工学院





  • 迈克尔Buensuceso

    Assistant Head of School for 社区 and Equity, Global Citizen Pathways Coordinator
  • Raegan罗素

    视觉总监 & 表演艺术, 视觉艺术系系主任, 高中美术, 艺术途径协调员, 剧场布景设计
  • 马克小

    科学 Dept Chair, 蒸汽通道s Coordinator, 7th Grade 科学/数学


澳门新葡京网址, situated on an 80-acre campus just over one hour north of Boston, 服务550名学生, 学前班至12年级及研究生. Berwick students are from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and several countries. Deeply committed to its mission of promoting virtue and useful knowledge, 澳门新葡京网址 empowers students to be creative and bold. Berwick strives to graduate alumni who shape their own learning, 承担风险, 问一些深思熟虑的问题, and come to understand and celebrate their authentic selves.